Valor Substitutes

Substitute for Valor?

Young Living’s Valor essential oil blend is out of stock until a projected date of April 1, 2014 and many are wondering what may be used as a substitute until supplies are replenished. In CARE raindrop training classes we teach participants to begin Raindrop Technique and other healing modalities like Emotional Release with Valor because it lends the vibrational quality of Courage to both the client and facilitator.

Courage is important for the client because an estimated 90% or more of all physical states of dis-ease have a sub-conscious emotional or spiritual root, and it often takes some courage or valor to look at “our stuff” so we can get to the root of our healing. Valor also carries a vibrational frequency similar to the human spine when in alignment, so it helps us stand in alignment as well as balancing our male and female energies.

Currently, Valor is an essential oil blend of Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense & Spruce in a coconut oil base. As a temporary substitute, I suggest using one or more (making a blend) of these oils. The chemistry of Rosewood shows that it has the highest concentrations of Linalol of all the essential oils at about 82%. Next oils highest in the chemical compound Linalol listed in the Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple are

Neroli at 36%
Coriander at 35%
Lavandin at 35%
Lavender at 35%
Ylang Ylang at 25%.

Many blends contain some Rosewood, or at least used to (I know many are being reformulated without Rosewood since there is a worldwide shortage). Acceptance, White Angelica, Awaken, Forgiveness, Harmony, and others were originally formulated using Rosewood. 3 Wise Men essential oil blend may also be a good choice for beginning a client session as well as for personal use to begin the day focused, aligned and courageous. 3 Wise Men does not contain Rosewood, but does contain Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Myrrh and Spruce in an Almond oil base. 3 Wise Men is the Biblical version of Valor.

I always like to begin each client’s bodywork session by setting an intention with the client for the gifts to be received along with the anointing of oils. Instead of using Valor to begin, perhaps you will be lead to use Acceptance, or Forgiveness or even Surrender emotional oil blend to set the intention for your anointing.

This is a good time to tap into your intuitive genius and see what you are drawn to use without Valor in stock. And, you may consider stretching your Valor too if you have some left. In CARE’s Raindrop Technique class we teach participants to use 3 drops of Valor on each shoulder, 6 drops of Valor on each foot, plus a generous anointing on the back. The energetic values of Valor will be present even with a smaller quantity being used, so perhaps reducing the application for each client will get you through the shortage as well.

Young Living Essential Oils is experiencing unprecedented success and growth right now, with each month surpassing sales expectations leading to many out of stock notices on products. Because Young Living products contain only organic, naturally produced ingredients, we are now beginning to experience seasonal shortages.

Young Living is working feverously to expand its global operations to meet the fast growing demand. New farms are being added, over 400 new employees have been hired in the past 6 months (150 new employees in January 2014 alone) and new distilleries are being built. The growth is very exciting for distributors, and the healing being experienced is very profound for users. Perhaps this year Young Living will bottle “patience” so we will creatively work around shortages until the new crops can be distilled and bottled for us.

If you are not currently using the Essential Rewards loyalty program online to place your orders, you may wish to begin. In addition to the remarkable savings when we buy through Essential Rewards, we will also gain priority in order fulfillment. Products in limited supply are currently being allotted for Essential Rewards orders only.

I hope this helps you are you are practicing Raindrop and being guided to choose the best oils for yourself and your clients. I welcome your feedback and suggestions if you have other ideas.

Fragrant blessings,